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Whether your life transition drives changes in your career, business
or personal life, I combine my
multifaceted training and experience with support, energy, assessment tools, creativity and humor to help you transition to a fulfilling new chapter.
What is most exciting about my work is its sustainability. The collaborative process of working through confusion to clarity, normalizing some discomfort, expanding possibilities, learning new skills,  risk taking, and taking action becomes an ingrained process for personal fulfillment. Clients gain a process and tools that are lifelong resources.


Achieve Your Potential
  • Hone leadership skills

  • Excellence that gets promoted

  • Develop your professional vision

  • Achieving a work/life balance

  • Communicate to get cooperation and results

  • Manage your time efficiently

  • Navigate career politics

  • Develop collaborative relationships/networks

  • Make a big idea happen

 Master Life Transitions
  • Make a career or job change

  • What it takes to start  a business

  • Develop a better work/life balance

  • Set and act on personal and professional priorities

  • Create a business /private practice

  •  “Rewire” for retirement

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