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My Success to Significance program responds to pressures expressed by boomers who are increasingly concerned about the legacy they will leave to others.
Beyond a transfer of wealth, a legacy includes bequeathing values, attitudes
and influence on family, community and
the world.


Legacy coaching focuses on the intangibles of estate planning. It poses questions for consideration, helps resolve uncomfortable situations and difficult questions. The program offers tools and strategies for defining and articulating a personal vision or mission, assessing family dynamics, exploring philanthropic possibilities and planning for a sustainable legacy.
The goal is to stimulate meaningful dialogue and strategies that support important decisions made with wealth advisors and attorneys. Ultimately participants are empowered to take action now, during their lifetime, to achieve greater clarity and peace of mind.

Directing your Legacy: Communication is Critical

If your experiences are similar to mine, you can recall instances where money has splintered family relationships, negatively impacted heirs – children and grandchildren –– or been handled in a way that was totally unintended by those who worked hard to earn it.

These disturbing outcomes of wealth transfer are further magnified by a “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves” reality that refers to a universal trend. Wealth created by successful individuals is depleted by
60-70% by the end of the second generation. It is further reduced by 90% after the third generation.


While successful people often spend hours meticulously planning to preserve their assets with advice

from wealth management professionals, they fail to talk about their intentions and values with intended beneficiaries over progression of enough time to have a sustainable influence.


Discussions about mortality, relationships and money, can be very challenging, therefore, are painfully avoided. If seen, however, as powerful opportunities over time to build family and

other relationships, develop values in future generations, support individual innovation and motivation, and have a positive affect on the global future, perhaps avoidance can shift to having transformative everyday conversations with ease.  


Imagine, if instead of focusing on only final asset distribution, communication was a way of preparing future generations to constructively manage a world of rapid change rather than be controlled or disempowered by it?  What if conversations about money, values, and intentions were viewed as on-going opportunities to connect and have positive influence?









The Success to Significance coaching process is designed to help:

  • Coach Wealth Creators—on Values-Vision-Mission-Communication.

  • Facilitate Individual and Family /Group Discussions.

  • Align legacy intentions and concerns with estate and financial planning decisions.

  • Assess dynamics/outcomes and determine revisions when neccessary.

The process starts with asking questions such as:

  • Who do I want to impact? How? Why is it important?

  • What do I want to contribute to others—to the world?

  • How can I ensure that my money will serve to motivate rather than
    disempower beneficiaries?

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