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Exploratory Phone Call

A 20-30 minutes telephone session is available to those who are interested in being coached and would like to discover more about the process, my style of coaching,
what to expect, fees and recieve answers to other questions they may have.


Telephone Coaching

The most often preferred form of coaching is via telephone. 45-60-minute sessions
are scheduled 2-3 times a month based on client preference/availability. 


First session

A discussion of current challenges and desired outcome. We also agree on frequency
of coaching and commit to a time frame to accomplish goals which in most cases is a minimum of 3-4 months with 9 sessions. Sometimes a battery of assessment tools
along with resume analysis are used selectively to accelerate insight, personal development and career/business marketability.


Phone sessions are supported by "just in time" email and/or short phone calls when something important  needs to be addressed so that clients experience having a collaborative partner invested in their success.


Coaching one-on-one, face-to-face

Depending on personal preference, what we are working on and location, in-person coaching is available. I am also trained in using distance technology and so can work
with groups who have this capability. 


Group Coaching/Training/Presentations

Customized and available upon request. Topics have Included:

  • Personal Branding

  • Developing Entrepreneural Potential

  • Interviewing: The Art of Selling Yourself

  • Managing Stress - Developing Work/Life Balance

  • Managing Your Career in Fast Changing Times 

  • Coaching Skills for Leaders

















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