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People and change…. that is what my coaching practice is about.  Whether the need for change is precipitated by an “Aha” experience that comes from within or, an “Oh No!” reaction to external events, life challenges us to make changes and find the answer to "What is next?"
I act as a catalyst to help you discover answers to your own life-changing questions. I collaborate with you to help clarify goals, devise strategies, and strengthen skills. In the process, you develop the tools, communication skills, and confidence to not only successfully navigate change, but to master transitions and create a rewarding new chapter in your life.

Marcia Grubel,  Life Transitions Coach

New Program:  Your Legacy ...  It's more than transferring assets.
Inheritance, wealth transfer, legacy planning ...  it can be the elephant in the room that threathens high emotions, conflict, even family turmoil.  Addressing the human factors of estate planning is a key component for ensuring a legacy.  Discover a process that strengthens relationships, creates a dialog
and supports the plans you create with wealth advisors and legal counsel.
"How do you prevent family wealth from corrupting kids?"
"What are the barriers to talking about money?"
"How do you prepare heirs for potential windfalls?
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